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Martenshofweg 2-8, D-24109 Kiel - Telefon: + 49 431 5331 300 - E-Mail: info@hotel-birke.de


The best for our guests is the maxim that drives us and motivates us. This is what we expect from our employees, our co-hosts, as we call them. Everyone here is a host, our number one principle. We are a team. This can be felt in the Birke every day. We are proud of.

Would you like to join us? If you want to help us provide our guests not only a "home-feeling", but to offer them a world of experience and contribution to a better quality of life? Then come on board. Find out more about our vacant positions and contact us. At any time via our Job form.

A great exchange

Hotel Birke 1 place Kieler Service Award best Hotel in Kiel

So that we can achieve the goals of our company, , we offer you:

And what we expect from you:

Latest positions free as host: 



Use our contact form, which forwards your inquiry directly to the responsible co-host, or call us on +49 431 5331 423, and talk to our hosts at human resources.