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Yoga classes, Hata Yoga
water exercise, Birke Spa
progressive muscle relaxation
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prevention courses

For all our courses and classes, we provide you with a certificate of participation to present to your health insurance carrier. You can use this to apply for a subsidy of 70 - 80% for individual preventative measures pursuant to §20 and 20a SGB. The course fees are due and payable prior to the start of the respective classes. More detailed information is available from our trainers.

CoursePrice per person
Aqua Fitness142,00 € *
Yoga140,00 € *

* All prices are including VAT and tax.


water exercise, Birke Spa

This is What you get:

Units: 10
Duration per unit: 50 minutes

Price: 142,00 €*

This is what you´ll experience:

Water sports don’t happen on the fjord only but in our swimming pool as well. Our certified trainers and coaches will get you in shape. The buoyancy of the water means less stress on muscles and joints. Our specific activities are intended to strengthen and invigorate your circulatory system. We offer aqua fitness courses several times a week, in the morning as well as in late afternoon.


progressive muscle relaxation

this is what you get:

Units: 10
Duration per unit: 90 minutes
Price: 85,00 €*
Prevention course: 110,00 €*
Price per unit for guests of our hotel: 10,00 €*
(Privat lessons upon request possible)

this is what you´ll experience:

In addition to our active sports sessions, we also can offer you a most relaxing alternative. Our certified trainers will show you yoga techniques with the goal of achieving better body awareness and a balance between physical and mental tension. You will also learn the proper technique to strengthen your muscles and tissues.

* All prices are including VAT


Sports outside in the woodsKiel, run sportsNordic walking, Outside in the woods, nature

With physical therapists, sports scientists and wellness trainers.
Hotel guests are
cordially invited to attend these courses. Daytime guests may participate upon request.
For our weekly sports program, please check the bulletin board at the hotel, and the “Birke Heute” newsletter for daily updates.


The buoyancy of the water provides relief for joints and muscles. Through targeted and active exercises the blood pressure is increased and stimulates blood circulation.


Consists of gentle stretch movements, joint mobilization, energy and breathing exercises. These original experience water exercises are effortless and weightless. Body, mind and soul are brought into a harmonious whole being.


Specific exercises to strengthen your stomach, legs and behind, and also your back muscles.

BIRKE mindfulness path

Treat yourself to a break in the woods. Wander along our mindfulness path and steer your attention to your own senses. Your perception will be refreshed after a short walk in the woods. The path begins directly on the edge of the woods, a few metres away from the hotel entrance.


Here the focus is on improving your physical performance. It is healthy and fun at the same time. Our jogging paths take you across soft, low impact forest ground.


This is an easily learned and extremely effective version of walking. It represents low impact whole body training and enjoyment in fresh air.


Using a Pezzi ball (fitness or gymnastics ball), we practice specific exercises to firm and strengthen your back muscles. The back gymnastics are intended to help you with proper lumbar posture and attitude in everyday life.


In this course, the focus is on improving mobility, strength and endurance. We achieve this through extreme stretching without any athletic activity.


Comfortable fast walking, also well suited for untrained persons. Here we strengthen breathing, muscles, heart and circulation. A real benefit in fresh forest air at the Hasseldieksdammer Gehölz.


Our relaxation are used to achieve and maintain a physical and mental balance. There are stretching and movement techniques performed that ensure that your muscles are strengthened, your coordination and flexibility are improved.


We also offer hiking tours on request, as well as hiking weekends where you can discover Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein with a local tour guide. These tours only take place on certain dates.