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That's just the title of a joint action of the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Areas and the tourism industry of the country. It is a priority of our association that we among other things promote and carry our county tastes into the wider world with the Association regional delicacies (Feinheimisch) enjoyment from Schleswig-Holstein e.V..

The association has been founded under the umbrella of this greater action. Its goal is to promote and advertise the Schleswig-Holstein kitchen and to strengthen cultural relations and the exchange of knowledge of regional quality products and their processing. It sees itself as a network for people who want to eat healthily and ecologically. So it’s for you our guests in the Birke.

Our restaurant Fischers Fritz is a member of this association since it was found by Christian Birke and 6 other gastronomic guys in 2007. Highest quality for maximum enjoyment, this is the motto. Therefore, you will discover this enjoyable, sustainable and regionally influenced cuisine from Schleswig-Holstein on our menu. Like all members of the association “Regional Delicacies” (Feinheimisch) Fischers Fritz is obliged to cover at least 60 percent of its goods by purchasing products from Schleswig-Holstein. It is supports the preservation of species and varieties, the necessity for the preservation of traditional cuisine and cooking culture and for encouraging a sustainable, artisanal and organic food production. Thus one finds on the menu at the Fischers Fritz from Schleswig-Holstein-made products of typical North German specialties, which we order directly from our fellow producers and suppliers in the neighborhood or even pick up. We only purchase outside from nearby regions in Schleswig-Holstein when the desired quality is not offered.

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