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INCENTIVES for your conference


Develop goals, make plans to roll numbers, create ideas, discuss , - we want your meeting to be successful. But creativity needs a break. A compensation. The awakening of new forces. For us in the north this works best while being on the water. Where the view goes into a large, open horizon, where a fresh wind makes for clear thinking.

There is a selection of our favorite ideas for your breaks on the sea and in the forest on land. ..


Action: Birke forestab  3 Stunden 
Forest experienceab 45 Minuten 
Cliques for the groupab 2 Stunden
Cheese makers are the wineries of the north...ab 2 Stunden
Conversations in the kitchenab 4 Stunden
Cyclingab 1 Stunde

Action: Birke forest

birch woods

We appreciate the town, the country, the sea and the people of the region. And because our country gives us so much, we feel obliged to give something back. Please do this too! Together with your team you will plant birch trees on Good Bossee in the nature park Westensee - as many as you want. Show others your green interest and raise sustainability awareness. And afterwards, a nice barbecue with game specialties the region offers us from the Bosseer hunting and specialties.

Team time: from 3 hours
Price per tree: 35,00 €

Forest Experience

The forest. Symbol of nature and life. Its deep green, its soothing rustle and its wonderful stories. We set out with you to the fresh sea air and experience the forest with all your senses. Our team partner will guide you "blind" through the forest, train your balance on stilts, explore common pathways or feel typical forest objects. And how to communicate without actually talking, coordination and teamwork is required. This special experience sharpens your senses and teaches you why working in a team is so important!

Team Time: 45 minutes
Price per person: 12,50 €


Group dynamics are tasks that must be mastered by everyone. Enjoy your own extreme experiences, you will experience joy in your performance and be proud of your team. Empower your team with a common goal and on ropes in a high ropes course.

Team time: from 2 hours
Price per person: 49,00 €


local, regional cheeselocal organic cheese

Schleswig-Holstein is known as a holiday destination. Only a few know it as cheese country The tradition of cheese making in Schleswig-Holstein has been documented since the Middle Ages. It emerged about 100 years ago through agricultural cooperative farms. More than 30 companies with over 100 types of cheese shape our landscape. Discover how different and varied cheese is manufactured. In the small farm dairy as well as in the larger dairy cooperatives we have unique and diverse cheeses. We will work with you to choose a trip to one of our cheese producers, where you will be initiated into the secrets of cheese production. Cheese included!

Team time: 2 hours
Price per person: 25,00 €

Conversations in the kitchen

The kitchen. Always a cozy meeting place. Its aroma is magic. One does something together, tastes , exchanges ideas. People talk, help each other. Up close and not-so as an anonymous email. Come to us in the kitchen .Together with your colleagues and with good tips from professionals you can prepare your own feinheimisch menu.

Teamzeit: 4 Stunden & Essen
Preis pro Person: 99,00 €


game reservecouple on bike ride

Nowhere else do you have an old forest with a deer park, the sea with cliffs, the most sailed waterway in the world and hills so close. Whether port or lovely oilseed rape fields, from the Birke you can go on a discovery tour. This not only gives you a bit of zing, but its really great fun.

Team time: from 1 hour
Price per person: from 9,00 €

This are our incentive ideas on the ocean...

Sea - Baltic experienceas long as you want
Sailing on the baltic seafrom 3 hours
Sailing in the evening - Sailing Camp 24/7 from 2 hours
On water on the trail of the ice agefrom 3 hours
Deep-sea fishingfrom 6 hours

Sea - Baltic experience

baltic sea beach basketbaltic sea, Kiel

Bright blue sky, white sandy beaches, deep blue water and a gentle breeze ... so soothing and refreshing, a trip to the Baltic Sea can be so enjoyable . A few hours of pure wellness, including beach chair, beach shuttle, beach towel and a cool drink or a picnic basket. Excellent place to relax in the evening after your meeting.

Team time: as long as you want
Price per person: from 49,00 €

Sailing on the baltic sea 

Go back to the Middle Ages and sail on the replica of a Hanseatic cog from the 14th Century Hear, feel and smell the natural materials from which it is built. Here, the legendary Kieler Sprotte Aquavit was transported. Once through the Kiel Fjord, it can can be called Kieler Sprotte Aquavit . Enjoy a few hours on the water and be prepared for anything. Even pirate attacks have been known to happen! Experience Kiel Sailing at its best.

Team time: from 3 hours
Price for up to 50 person: from 1250,00 €

Sailing in the evening - Sailing Camp 24/7

sailing classes, baltic seayacht harbour Kiel

You want to start your day with sport? Set sail with up to six people on two Skippi 650 Cruiser yachts Each yacht will be supervised by an experienced sailing instructor or a sailing coach. For this trip all interested guests sail with or without practical experience.

Team time: from 2 hours
Price per person: ab 38,00 €
(minimum 3 bis max. 24 Personen)

On water on the trail of the ice age

Our beautiful country has been very much influenced by the last Ice Age. Through the many lakes and rivers of our country . We will take you on a journey through the beautiful scenery of the Westensee. In this picturesque setting, it is easy to find the right rhythm especially in a canoe, which will take you to your destination . This journey through the Ice Age embossed nature is the balm for a stressed soul.

Team time: from 3 hours
Price per person: from 25,00 €

Deep-sea fishing

Fishing at the baltic sea, Codfish, cod fishfishing, deeps fishing, cod fish

Foamy waves, screaming gulls, fresh wind. You will experience a fascinating day at sea. On the ride to the fishing grounds and back, you have 2 hours on board. It comes equipped with fishing, bait and expert guidance from the fishermen ! A magnificent view for a clear head, waiting for the big catch and intoxicating feelings of happiness at the first bite will ensure an unforgettable experience.A Hearty stew sailors yarn included!

Team time: from 6 hours
Price per person: from 46,00 €


These are just some of the possible programs that we can organize for you, when needed with the help of our partners, we want what you want. Call us, our experienced co-hosts can advise you on the best options.


Use our contact form, which forwards your inquiry directly to the responsible co-host, or call us on +49 431 5331 442, and talk to our hosts at Birke conference center.

Please don't forget to leave the date for your treatment and your phone number. Thank's a lot!

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