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Life is movement and movement is health. At best it is out here in the great outdoors in the fresh air in our north. Schleswig-Holstein with the sea, fields with blossom, wide countryside with gras and heather, forrest and hills is a paradise for vacation with a lot of activities.


Together with our partner , a management consulting firm consisting of sports scientists, nutritionists and physicians, we have put together a combination of exercise, relaxation, recreation and unique programs of action for you. 
Whether vital, prevention traveling or running camps - our active trips are an investment in your own health! 

Our prevention trips are eligible for health insurance. So please consult your insurance company.


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From our hotel direct into the green forest. No problem in the adjacent Hasseldieksdamm woods. Sheltered from the wind on soft forest floor and partly sunny, partly shady, jogging or Nordic walking can be enjoyed by all. 
Either under the expert guidance or on your own, jogging or Nordic walking, we have either way just the route for you. At the front desk you can collect our Birke-Running Guide. And for your MDA / GPS unit we have our Birke jogging routes online. You can download our routes using an app on your cell phone or GPS device then. Its simple to stay on the right track!


Our running camps are held several times a year. At the beginning of your stay our sports scientists, in collaboration with doctors, health experts and orthopedic surgeons, determine the state of tyour physical fitness. Based on this data the sports scientist develops your personal training plan.
 The goal is to help you not only to optimize your running technically, but also to improve running performance long term. These exercises are included that will improve your strength, flexibility and coordination. These exercises are based, among other things, on the " Core Performance " training, as our football team is trained. The advantage of this program is that we first show you an actual plan and track every runner on his current level of performance. This is located in the coordinated training plans. The training plans are designed so that you can train then continue at home. Through regular participation in our running camps, you are taking sports science, medical and orthopedic care into your physical fitness, to gradually improve your running style and your mileage, or to take the opportunity to check your running style on a regular basis.


moutainbiker touring bike

Hop on one of our touring bikes or e-bikes and cycle in the fresh sea air through the varied nature around the hotel. We have our best cycling routes via GPS recorded for you, which you can load with any iPhone, Android and Windows Phone . Or get a loan one of our GPS devices or written directions. For your picnic in the countryside, we equip you with a packed lunch and a cozy blanket. Enjoy the beautiful views of the sea, the North Sea-Baltic Canal or the lush green woods!


Golfspiller slår sit første slag på Gut Uhlenhorst

Schleswig-Holstein, the land between the seas, is a paradise for golfers. Here you can enjoy its varied sides of golf in beautiful countryside, between the North and Baltic Seas, canola fields, vast heath-and grasslands with deep woods and hills, among lakes and blue skies. The Birke offers you golfing together with 5 partner golf courses. Some courses are considered the most diverse and beautiful places of wonderful Holstein. We can arrange for tee times, lessons, clubs and trolleys.

our Partner Golf Clubs:



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17 km of beaches around the firth of Kiel lure you to swim and relax but also offer a variety of water sports activities. Sailing, surfing or kite-surfing can be learned in many courses and beaches. There is ample opportunity to rent boats and boards. For beginners the old fishing village Laboe offers perfect conditions with its shallow water transition into deeper water. The Birke is working with the local surf school where you will be trained in a few days for sliding over the Baltic waves.

Sailing on Yachts

classic sailing boats

Pure fascination. Feel skill and speed, the interaction of natural and sailing forces. After a short introduction from our professional sailors you will sail in two teams, racing in the Kiel fjord. With trimming and reefing perfect teamwork is needed, because every second counts. We can organize for 10 people a stunning day on the water.


kite surfing baltic sea

Here in Kiel on the Baltic Sea, we have and many kite-surfing areas for each skill class. You can reach these beaches within a few minutes by car. And if you want to learn kiteing first, or you want to optimize your style, then our kite surf courses are just the thing for you. 
In the world's first VDWS Kitesurf School you learn the basics of this spectacular sport. The shallow Baltic Sea in the kite school area offers optimal conditions for your first attempts with board and kite. Certified trainers work with you in small groups of maximum 4 participants. The advantage for you: An individual and intensive schooling learning the correct technique, so that you can slide your board on the Baltic Sea in no time!
We gladly present you with an individual offer.


sup; stand up paddling baltic sea; kiel

What could be more relaxing than in fine weather and a smooth sea to paddle on a board on the Baltic Sea? With uniform paddle movements you wander along the coast of Kiel and can experience our beautiful city from the water. Along the Kiel fjord are some stand-up paddle board rentals. And if want to learn the correct technique then our courses just right for you. 
These courses are conducted by qualified surf instructors on the basics of SUP boarding. In addition to the basic techniques, the correct entry and exit is learned. After a short briefing, you go directly to the water. You will quickly find the right position on the board and learn the technique - you also learn the differences between river / lake and the Baltic Sea / ocean, as well as safety measures.
We gladly present you with an individual offer.


Kiel fjord, windsurfing

Here in Kiel on the Baltic Sea, we always have enough wind for surfing and many areas for each skill class. You can access these surf spots and their beaches within a few minutes by car. And if you want to learn to windsurf first, or you want to optimize your style, then our windsurfing courses are just the thing for you. In one of the most important German windsurf areas you can learn the basics of this fascinating sport. The shallow Baltic Sea water in the surf school offers optimal conditions for the first experiments with the surfboard . Certified trainers work with you in small groups of maximum 4 participants. The advantage for you: An individual and intensive course learning the correct technique. We gladly present you with an individual offer.

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