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A highly qualified expert training in a family-run, personal company with a great team. Not only the guests feel and enjoy the good working environment and the family atmosphere but you do to!. Our employees are our co-hosts. Our number one principle is. Everyone here is a host. We are a team. This can be felt in the Birke every day. And together, we not only want to give our guests a "home-feeling", but give them a world of experience and a contributtion to quality of life.

Good reasons for a place in the hospitality industry

Hotel Clerk

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We train hotel professionals in the areas of domestic managements, in service, in the banquet, at the reception, the spa and the kitchen.

You will learn the correct technical execution of all activities which ensure that people feel comfortable while travelling. Discussions with and the care of our guests are always the first priority. We will train you to clean a hotel room in a sustainable manner, so you know how to monitor it later. You will learn to maintain order and cleanliness in our public areas, to create a comfortable atmosphere. In the service we provide you with the knowledge of table culture. You learn how to take care of guests at the breakfast buffet, at banquets and the à la carte menu and to provide support in the restaurant. We offer regular training in food science, processing, service training and visits to suppliers. For functions, you learn what is important for a private party, corporate events and meetings so that it is a completely successful event. At the hotel reception you will learn to ensure that your guests have a smooth and easy flow for their arrival and departure. In our administration, we give you an insight into the extensive tasks there. You are trained in the application of our hotel management program Sihot PMS, our catering program PC-Cash and spa software TAC.

Former trainee Sabrina U. - Now Administrative Assistant at 5 * Kempinski Hotel

"Two things were immediately clear: to learn the profession in the hotel business and not in a
large hotel chain, but in a hotel with personal flair.I was
interested in the various departments, I wanted varied 
work and contact every day with different people and to
make their stay at the hotel as nice as possible. The 3-year 
Training in the Birke has inspired me and strengthened my goal to work in this
Industry . Since September 2011 I work in Slovenia in a 
5-star Kempinski Hotel as "Accounts Receivable" in accounting.
I'm no longer working directly as a the host, but my education has allowed
me to learn and appreciate all types of Hotel work! "

Chef / cook

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In this creative and interesting job you get to buy the right amounts and right quality of food and to store it correctly. You are trained to create meal plans and to prepare a variety of delicious dishe sand present visually impressive food and to organize a kitchen. The special feature of our Fischers Fritz kitchen is the processing of seasonal and regional dishes and fresh fish which is delivered directly from the cutter. All our meals are freshly prepared according to the rules of the culinary arts. The highlight is our open show kitchen, which gives our guests the opportunity to admire your skills. Our training as a chef begins in the breakfast kitchen. In the initial phase, the prority is to learn about and prepare food. This includes visits to our suppliers. Gradually, you will be able to prepare the food according to recipes. What very exciting is our Wine Event "Wine & Dine", in which a 6-course menu is created for up to 110 people and is served with pinpoint accuracy. Also we offer caterings on big events or on a ship the ability to prepare food at a great location or with a slight sea swell.

Former trainee Danielo S. - chef exchange to France

"The transition from the classroom to the kitchen was really hard. My creativity 
and fast reaction of the newly learned skills was required.What I particularly 
liked was the chance to take help prepare the "Wine & Dine". My absolute 
 highlight was my 3-week stay in France this September. 
In the city of Nantes in the restaurant "La bouchon" I collected my first experience abroad .
 The French order almost only multi-course meals 
and can take their time when eating. Therefore, it is also a bit quieter in the 
Kitchen than ours. My advice: Seek out a training organization, that uses many 
fresh produce and pay attention to regionality. One can really
learn a lot and in the subsequent job search, you have the best cards."

Restaurant Professional

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We to prepare you through through friendly and competent service to ensure our guests have a wonderful time. To do this, you learn the proper setting of and decorating of tables, serving food, acquiring product knowledge, organizing the service process, active selling of food and beverages, handling the cash register, filleting at the table, professional wine service and much more. 
In the menu selection, serve drinks and food, are responsible for table decorations and create invoices for the guest. In addition to your function as a waiter you are still involved in the planning, organization and execution of events and festivities. You are trained during your training in the areas of restaurant and kitchen.

Maria H. - specialist at Fischers Fritz and on the MS Europa

"Why did I do my training in the Birke? Because I believe 
 a privately-run hotel is best as you are not a "number", but you work side by side with the head Chef. The size of the hotel is ideal, as it is small enough to give you the 
"family" feel but large enough to provide a good overview 
of processes and structures. 
After my apprenticeship and a subsequent half a year at Fischers 
Fritz restaurant I am now on the MS Europa - the five star plus ship 
for very exclusive guests. The day before yesterday I was in Greece, now in 
Turkey and tomorrow in Italy. The training offers great opportunities!"

Promotion, Reward & Exchanges

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We support our students in taking part in competitions such as the “KielerSprotte Cup” and "Butter with the Fish" - a gifted support program and cooking talent competition. Participation in these competitions will help you get used to the situation of your training tests. Our best students are rewarded with an exchange for a few weeks with a cooperation partner, House of Wellness Hotel & Resort or Ring Hotel. You learn about other operation during this time. We offer our trainees the possibility to participate for three weeks in a top-class Operation in France, to experience the French traditional catering.

Opportunities after training

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A professional training in the hospitality industry enables young people to apply their knowledge in the world. Whether in Germany or abroad, there are many open doors. Not only jobs in the hospitality industry are possible, but also around the world on cruise ships, in the event area, in event management, tourism organizations, airlines and tour operators.

To expand your knowledge after training, there are many training opportunities: such as barista, sommelier, bartender, chef and dietary cook. To make a career in the hospitality industry, tourism industry or suppliers, you can choose different courses at home and abroad, such as Hotel Management, Business Administration, Marketing, Nutritional Science or event management.

Due to the good contacts that our family in Germany and Worldwide in the hotel and catering sector, we can help you after your education to find an interesting new employer.

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