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SLOW FOOD - Good, clean, fair

The organization Slow Food was founded in 1986 by Carlo Petrini in the Piedmont Bra at the opening of a branch of Mc Donald's at the Spanish Steps in Rome. Italian chefs cooked spaghetti to symbolize the tradition of regional cuisine and to protest in this way against the proliferation of fast food. Since then Slow Food has become an international association with over 85,000 members in over 132 countries on all continents.


Industrial society hfirst invented the machine and then modeled life on it Mechanical speed and acceleration are raging facts of life. We are all affected by a virus: "Fast Life!" Our ways of life have been overturned, affecting our domestic existence - nothing can escape the "fast food" movement . Mankind must free itself from devastating acceleration and return to a modest lifestyle. The point is to defend Leisurely and Sensual life against the universal threat posed by the "Fast Life". Against those - who are still the silent majority - who confuse efficiency with bustle, we set the seed of enjoyment and comfort, which manifests itself in a peaceful and expansive life.
Let's start at the table with Slow Food. In complete opposite to fast food we discover the rich flavors of the local cuisine.
Fast Life has in the name of productivity and yield ,changed our lives and threatens our environment. Slow Food is the right answer.
The development of taste and not reducing it is the true culture. And this initial progress is thanks to an international exchange of stories, knowledge and projects.
Slow Food gives us a better future.
Slow Food ,whose symbol is a small snail, is an idea that needs a lot of qualified followers, so that a global movement becomes a (slow) movement,.
The document was approved at the inaugural meeting of the International Slow Food Movement.

Paris, 9. Dezember 1989 Slow Food International


The Slow Food Manifesto corresponds to the ideas that drive the Birke family and all the co-hosts. Whether in restaurants or other facilities of our hotel, we live and act according to these basic ethics. So it was for us a matter of course to become a sustaining member of Slow Food Association.

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