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We in the "Birke" love our county and the variety it has to offer. You will feel that every day, in every place of our hotel. Even in our kitchen. Whether fish, meat or vegetables harvested fresh, the claim is always the same: regional, seasonal, freshly prepared and fair, it must be carefully selected and processed. Experience the culinary senses with all the "North German tradition" in the restaurant Fischers Fritz, our chimney bar or the Spa Bistro. 


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In our hotel Birke experience all areas of the north. The typical life of our region, we want to convey to you in the restaurant Fischers Fritz. The smell, the taste and the feeling our beautiful county has to offer. We support vegans & vegetarians with regularly changing dishes on offer. And if we are informed in advance about it, we also prepare lactose-free and gluten-free dishes for you.

Every morning have a delicious and varied breakfast "North German style" and be kissed awake. With scrambled eggs, pancakes and waffles. Various fish dishes you that beckon you to try. Or with a large selection of cereals, nuts and fresh breads and rolls. And juices from apples, cherries, currants and oranges. With its diverse selection of high-quality and partly self-made products, we have many people from our town who come to us just for breakfast!

Our Fischers Fritz is not only the only real fish restaurant in Kiel, it also offers you other products made from Schleswig-Holstein, typical regional specialties such as dike marsh lamb and game from the Holstein hunting area. Freshly caught fish we get directly from the North and Baltic Seas and breeders of Holstein lakes and rivers.
We order our food from “fair” suppliers, who identify with our principles of animal welfare and environmental protection and sustainability.

Wine & Dine

Wine & Dine Events

Four times a year we invite an exceptional vineyard or wine journalists for you to us. They present and talk about their favorite wines , stories of the wineries & trends. The wines are accompanied by a fine 6-course menu freshly prepared by the culinary masters in our kitchen. Experience a special evening for the senses. Find out more ...

In the production we follow the rules of traditional cooking in order to preserve the cooking and eating culture.Traditional dishes from Schleswig-Holstein you will find on the menu together with the Fischers Fritz dishes of creative young chefs. All dishes are prepared right before your eyes in the open kitchen of Fritz Fischer's, so you can follow the live preparation.
We offer a large selection of first-class German wines, because here we are well stocked. We make sure that they have been made fairly. All other drinks, we mostly get from the region.

Our service team takes great care about presenting the culinary delights to our guests and are happy to provide information about the places of origin of our regional products. They also ensure that our restaurant and function rooms are prepared and decorated according to the rules of classical table culture.

Our Fischers Fritz restaurant is a member of regional delicacies (Feinheimisch*) enjoyment from Schleswig-Holstein since it was founded november 2007, it is also a member of “Schleswig-Holstein dines exquisitely” (Schleswig-Holstein is(s)t lecker!)! and a member of Slow Food.

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Our ongoing search for new high-quality products from the region is a desired challenge for us and gives us much joy. It's great that you support us as our guests in the Birch and give us feedback about our food here it always re-motivates everyone.

With the short distances between our suppliers and our hotel, we also make a further contribution to environmental protection.

Our fish are freshly caught by North Sea and Baltic cutters and from the fish breeders of Holstein lakes and rivers.
Wild meat is the healthiest type of meat of all, because the animals live freely in the nature and live only there. Our fresh game we get from a farm in the neighbourhood.

Our poultry, beef, lamb and pork producers take great care that their animals have plenty of time for a healthy and natural development. For breeding it is very important to us that no genetically engineered food, growth medium or chemicals are used in any way on our meats.

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Our fruits and vegetables come from farmers in Holstein, which ensured it is grown as organically as possible and. Sometimes we also use fruit from "the neighbour's garden", or harvest our own garden. The "exotic" fruits and vegetables are purchased from our wholesale supplier.

Twenty different herbs and spices come direct from our own herb garden into the cooking pot of the Fischers Fritz. Borage and hyssop is called Josef herb that fits nicely with our fish dishes, but also promises a healing effect. Some herbs we dry for the winter months.

We get the cheese dairies of Schleswig-Holstein Cheese Route. It is made from the milk of Holstein cows, goats and sheep that are kept fair. We only use free range eggs.

Our jams and preserves are made from local fruit, which are still technically and traditionally boiled in the pot. The honey we get from Holstein hobby beekeepers.

our suppliers list

local, regional cheesefishrestaurant, organic mushrooms local organic potatoes
Fish:Steinfurther Mühle (Kiel), Baltic sea fisher: Fischer Brauer
and fisher Sperling, Fishtrading Company Urthel (Friedrichskoog), Meergold
Fine Fish (Eckernförde), Fishfarm Jäger-Kleinicke (Kiel)
Algae:Algaefarm oceanBASIS (Kiel)
Mussels:Algae- und Musselsfarm oceanBASIS (Kiel), Oystermeyer (List auf Sylt),
Föhrer Mussels (Dagebüll)
Poultry: Schramm Farm (Schwienkuhlen), Poultryfarm Bokelholm
Pork: Schramm Farm, Anglersattelpork (Schwienkuhlen),
Master fresh meat from the region Meisterfrisch Citti,
Anglersattelpork frim the „Arche Warder“
Beef: Holsteiner Färse (master fresh frim the region, Citti),
Uthlander Galloway from the butchery Burmeister (Viöl),
Auerochsen from „Wilde Weiden“,
Galloway from „Ut de Tönkerie“,
Schwarzbunte from ”Arche Warder”
Lamb:Lamb from the dike from butchery Burmeister (Viöl),
Lamb from the „Arche Warder“
Game:Bossee Castle (Bossee),
From Kiel Forrests
Herbs & Spices:from our hotel garden,
Köhn und Brötzmann (Kiel)
Fruits:Obstquelle (Raisdorf), Lindenhof (Preetz),
Köhn und Brötzmann (Kiel)
Vegetables:Lindenhof (Preetz),
Schumacher Farm (Hassendorf),
Köhn und Brötzmann (Kiel),
Meinolf Thiele, Gut Rosenkrantz (Schinkel)
Cerials:Brüggen Müsli (Lübeck),
Gut Rosenkrantz (Schinkel)
Milkproducts & eggs :
Warleberg Farm (Warleberg),
and eggs Ziegenhof Rehder (Boksee),
Cheese street of Schleswig-Holstein,
Farm von Holstein (Bad Bramstedt),
Warderaner Freshmilk (Warder)

Our tip: Look behind the scenes of our Schleswig-Holstein suppliers. We are happy to organize farm tours and guides.

Private cooking at your home

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So that you can enjoy our excellent cooking at home, we come to you. We will host a very special evening with friends, a small family celebration or an important business dinner. Our service to you is that after personal consultation we will take care of everything so that you and your guests can enjoy a relaxing evening at home! This can be your cozy living room or dining room, your garden or balcony. Our chef will prepare a multi-course meal with dishes from Schleswig-Holstein as well as our creative young kitchen. Our qualified co-hosts will pamper you and your guests with service and natural friendliness.

Part of our service is ofcourse that we deliver all the material from the dishes to cutlery to tables, chairs and matching table cloths. And if you wish we can bring the finished dishes otherwise our our chef will prepare your meals on site . We do the washing up of course!

This exclusive service we can offer for 4 to 12 people.


Call us on +49 431 5331 435, and talk to our hosts at Fischers Fritz restaurant or book your table here: