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Martenshofweg 2-8, D-24109 Kiel - Telefon: + 49 431 5331 300 - E-Mail:



We are a family business and our basis is the respect of our values which have been passed down over generations. Our aim is to connect the modern ways with the traditional ways.

The city, the cand, the water and the people of the region are our driving factors. Our beautiful land and home gives us so much we feel us obliged to give something back. That is what we try to do and we pay attention to our region and traditional values. It is important to us that we use only natural and organic food, products and material at all places in our hotel.


What is nicer after a long day than to return to your harbour. Lean back, relax, reflect, feel well, drift along- and let us take the strain, then our hotel is such a harbour where you really feel at home. Here you have the experience of a private, warm, friendly and comfortable atmosphere. The team “Birke” greets you with friendly and natural politeness. We look after you, your family and guests in our habour of relaxation.

New experiences and more quality to life that what you can expect in our hotel, a stay at the hotel “Birke” stimulates your senses, and allows you to feel content because we know you have simple tastes and only the best will do, we do our utmost to make sure you get only the best from the best.

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