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Museums by the sea


The museums by the sea invite you to the capital of Schleswig-Holstein, the port on the Kiel Fjord, the city center on the Baltic coast ...Kiel. Here you will experience a museum diversity that will surprise you. 
Over 300 years of science, art from antiquity to the present, knowledge of experts and families to touch and experience - all of which offered to the guests of the museums by the sea.
You have the choice between art and cultural history, natural history and urban history. From the living seal to the lovingly restored museum ship, the 14-meter-long whale skeleton to the historic pharmacy, from the art of antiquity to the latest contemporary art - something for everyone.
Discover the city centre of Kiel, a cultural diversity that will surprise you, and vistit the museums by the sea, located and looking directly out to the fjord :


Close in: in Schleswig-Holstein a unique collection of antique casts of classical Greek and Roman sculptures.

Aquarium GEOMAR

From the Baltic herring to tropical seahorses: domestic and exotic sea creatures in naturally landscaped habitats, outdoor enclosure with seals and public feeding.


From art of the Dürer period to the present: permanent collection of all artistic genres, including works by Repin, Nolde and Richter, in addition to thematic and monographic exhibitions.

Medicine and Pharmacy Collection

Insights into the history of medicine and pharmacy: Exhibition of historical instruments, collection of pathological specimens, north German Pharmacy facilities and internist practice.

City Gallery Kiel

Young Contemporary Art: temporary exhibitions of contemporary local and international art, art from the Baltic region, a permanant display of works of the expressionist Heinrich Ehmsen is also presented.

Urban and Maritime Museum Fish Market

In the fish market from 1910: Permanent exhibition on the maritime history of the city of Kiel, pier with historic museum ships. 

Urban and Maritime Museum Waleberger Hof

On the trail of Kiels History: permanent exhibition on the early history of the city and temporary exhibitions on everyday life and cultural history.

Zoological Museum

Experience marine and evolutionary research first hand: Exciting presentation of maritime science and research, the most species rich Whale exhibition in Germany, presentation of the origins of Kiels zoology.

Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival

Orchester - SHMF

Schleswig-Holstein is home to the largest classical music festival in Europe, the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival (SHMF). Every year in July and August over 100 concerts in over 40 locations are presented across the state.

More than 100,000 people visit each year, the high-profile concerts with world-renowned musicians in manor houses, barns, stables and churches. Even unusual places such as shipyards, aircraft terminals or industrial buildings are turned into concert halls. Very popular are the "music festivals in the country" as well as the children's music festivals. As part of the Orchestra Academy, internationally renowned young top talent from around the world partake in master classes at the Music Academy Lübeck and the Choir Academy.
Founded in 1986 by Prof. Justus Frantz and Leonard Bernstein, the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival has been leading the way for successful cultural management and the model for countless imitations. Many sponsors provide significant financial support for this outstanding international cultural event. Since 2014, the musicologist Christian Kuhnt is at the forefront of the festival.

Our location in the middle of Schleswig Holstein with excellent access to the main roads and motorway, we are the perfect starting point to reach the daily changing venues. We naturally take ove rorganizing tickets for a good seat at one of the concerts, for you!

kiel week

boats, ships

What has nine days, more than three million visitors and 2,000 events, ….answer, the Kieler Woche or Kiel week. The world's largest sailing event is also the largest summer festival in northern Europe. With theatre performances, art exhibitions, sport events and music from classical to open-air rock there is something for all tastes! Some 300 rock and pop concerts at various stages throughout the city entertain you, the International market with culinary delicacies and souvenirs from over 30 countries entices your appetite, up to 70 hot air balloons taking part in the International Balloon Sail thrill you.
The Spiellinie Europe's largest children's cultural area under the open sky - thrill the little ones, and much much more await visitors from around the world.

The Hotel Birke is minutes away from the crowd and you can reach the city centre and all the Kieler Woche Highlights within 10 to 20 minutes by car, bus or our bikes.

THW Kiel - german & international handball champion

Fördesparkassen Arena THW Handball

The THW Kiel is the most successful handball club in Germany and has won German Championship 18x here at the Kieler Forde, 9 wins in the DHB Cup, the Super Cup 7x, EHF Cup 3x and to round off the impressive track record of the Kiel team......3x final wins at the Champions League.

The team coach Alfred Gislason is currently rejuvenating the team ,a challenge the succesful coach realishes. For in Kiel we know only too well, that the great successes of the past no longer figure in the here and now. THW Kiel never look back, only forward: Now is the future – and and it craves success.

Renowned and dreaded by the competition, there is an incomparable atmosphere in the sold-out Kiel Fjord Sparkassen Arena (Baltic hall). Immediately before the game begins, the hall lights go out and spotlights shine onto the players – headed by mascot Hein Daddel running out to the THW anthem, giving the 10,000 spectators goose bumps. Almost all season ticket holders seats are occupied, proving the THW fans desire to experience their zebras live!

Disappointed maybe? Don´t be, because we offer exclusively for our guests "THW - Kiel Live" with shuttle from the hotel to the stadium and back with ... tickets for good seats!

Premier League Handball Schedule for home games from THW Kiel in 2016/2017

Current dates and more informations you will find under
The schedule & games could be changed any time! Hotel Birke is not responsible for the schedule.
If you want to visit a Champions League game, please contact us directly.

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