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How well the Birke meeting concept works is evident by the many awards. Repeatedly certified, by the Association of German Travel firms, the Birke Conference Center was awarded the best conference area in northern Germany. In addition, the hotel Birke was the first service center for the City of Kiel and has won the first and second service Q of the service quality Germany project.

Room preparation

To help us with the preparation of your room, your seating requirements, energy, maintenance and cleaning, we charge a small room rental deposit. We do not charge the room rental deposit if you stay for your full booking. When your stay is shorter than booked we calculate the percentage of the deposit.

BIRKE conference area

seminar room Hotel Birke Kiel

This area is located directly at the hotel and is connected by a staircase with the hotel's Feng Shui garden. These rooms are all equipped with an air conditioning system.

When booking our package VITAL and you reach sales expectations in the number of persons indicated in the last column, you will not be charged room rental.

bbc_image_neu_parlamentbbc_image_neu_useminar room Hotel Birke KielHotel Birke seminar room
RoomsSales expectations*     Basic Fee*Room rental will not be charged with...**
Gorch / Fock320,00 €120,00 €5 Pers.
Gorch + Fock560,00 €220,00 €
9 Pers.
Sea / Cloud650,00 €250,00 €10 Pers.
Star750,00 €280,00 €12 Pers.
Clipper800,00 €300,00 €12 Pers.
Sea + Cloud1.200,00 €480,00 €18 Pers.
Star + Clipper1.400,00 €560,00 €21 Pers.
Regatta (Sea + Cloud + Clipper)1.900,00 €750,00 €29 Pers.
Windjammer (Sea + Cloud + Star + Clipper)2.500,00 €1.000,00 €38 Pers.

* All prices are including VAT
**when booking our package VITAL.

Yoga progressiv muskelafslapning Birke Spa

Refreshing break with a Wellness Coach

After your lunch break, you can book one of our spa co-hosts to show you stretching and relaxation exercises that are designed to help the muscles used while seated to relax again. With this 10 minute exercise new energy will be released and your attention will be improved.

This service is included in our conference packages!


hotel birke Kiel Schleswig Holstein Ostsee Waldesruh

30 meters from the hotel building, is our tradition Waldesruh. There, where everything began in 1802, with the awarding of the first bar licence by the Danish queen. Opposite the building is the forest - the Hasseldieksdamm woods.

RoomsSales expectations*Basic fee*Room rental will not be charged with...**
Restaurant Waldesruh500,00 €200,00 €8 People
Spiegelsaal 2.100,00 €800,00€32 People

* All prices are including VAT
**when booking our package VITAL.



Meetings in the forest

In Summer we can move your break, your group or even your entire meeting or seminar to the forest. It directly borders the hotel and its clearings are exceptional rooms. The fresh green of the forest, the quiet atmosphere and the cool forest air opens up new perspectives for you!  Reserve your "forest room" here now ...

vital FOOD FOR Successful meetings

herb gardenwild salmon

A successful conference session is behind you. The head is smoking, the stomach growls. Time for a creative break. The kitchen team prepares for you in our restaurant Fischers Fritz full meals and snacks. Through our membership of "regional delicacies (Feinheimisch) enjoyment from Schleswig-Holstein" We have committed ourselves to obtaining at least 60% of our food from Schleswig-Holstein.

Therefore, we work closely with the farmers and producers of meat, fish, poultry and vegetables in the region. From them we get guaranteed high-quality, ecologically and fairly produced, seasonal produce.

All foods are hand-crafted by our kitchen team under the rules of traditional North German cuisine, they cook for you on all of your creative breaks, lunch and dinner with delicious food. For vegetarians, vegans and other dietary preferences we can prepare also great dishes. Please contact us about this in advance! 

Our conference packages consist of the services that are most popular with our guests. We have designed it so that there is something for every budget. If this is not the case, please check with our event management. We will find something for your individual needs.

Due to the feedback of our guests, we have prepared for you the most popular combination of conference services . If you would like to have your own personal package to suit your preferences and budget you can fix your on choice here:



basic blocks

snackteapot_detailfresh fish fingerfood, brownie
Saladsteakrestaurant Kiel, Restaurant Kielhome made cakecocktails

AGBs - Here you get our terms of condition...


Use our contact form, which forwards your inquiry directly to the responsible co-host, or call us on +49 431 5331 442, and talk to our hosts at Birke conference center.

In order for us to prepare an offer for you as quickly as possible, please enter the number of participants, the seat assembly (reception, lecture, U-shape, Classroom or Banquet) and select your desired conference package, or simply enter your phone number with a request to call back.

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