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CONference ROOMS

The "Green certified" meeting space in our hotel is an ideal starting point for your meeting, seminar, training sessions and strategy meetings. It is located in the countryside, right on the outskirts of the forest. Less than 10 minutes away are downtown, Harbour, University, University Hospital and Institute of World Economy and GEOMAR

You can easily reach us from the nearby motorway or ICE train station. Guests can also use our half-hourly shuttle to and from the international airport Fuhlsbüttel in Hamburg.

Your seminars, workshops or meetings are special for not only you but for us as well. It is your events that challenge us and bring out the best in us. Our strength is to fulfil your personal wishes and to prepare everything exactly as you like. In our VDR Certificated meeting area we can do nearly everything. We help with the planning, preparation and running of the event with creativity and joy. So you can devote your total attention on the success of your event.

Our goal is your contentment.

In the end, you and your employees should have had had a nice and successful time at the Birke.
How well the Birke meeting concept works is evident by the many awards. Repeatedly certified, by the Association of German Travel firms, the Birke Conference Center was awarded the best conference area in northern Germany. In addition, the hotel Birke was the first service center for the City of Kiel and has won the first and second service Q of the service quality Germany project.


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Star Clipper, Sea Cloud, Gorch Fock are names that are reminiscent of sailing ships. In the 350 sqm large Birke Business Center they name the 6 meeting and function rooms. Our conference center was multiply awarded the best conference facilities in northern Germany. Whatever you wish, a meeting , a new company-course, a presentation or set the sails to new horizons our function rooms offer the ideal conditions. The concept is modern, the rooms bright and air conditioned, with large windows and flexible sound-proof partitions. A large lobby and a green courtyard with beach sand islands provide a space for creative breaks. Latest conference technology and all connections for laptop and internet, and wireless internet access are available.

You can reach the Birke Business Center through a separate entrance on the ground floor. An approach ramp makes it easy for carrying display material and much easier for you to prepare. The rooms are divided by soundproof and flexible partitions.

room layout


Here are some examples of how you can use our facilities for your "personal" event. Please click on the thumbnail to get a larger view.

Overview A

Names from top left clockwise: Star, Gorch, Fock, Foyer, Cloud, Sea, Clipper

Raumplan A

Overview B

Names from top left clockwise: Star-Clipper, Gorch-Fock, Foyer, Cloud, Sea.

Raumplan B

overview C

Names from top left clockwise: Star-Clipper, Gorch-Fock, Foyer, Sea-Cloud.

Raumplan C

overview D

Names from top left clockwise: Windjammer, Gorch-Fock.

Raumplan D

Overview E

Names from top left clockwise: Star, Gorch-Fock, Foyer, Regatta.

Raumplan E

overview F

Names from top left clockwise: Regatta, Gorch-Fock.

Tagungsräume - Raumplan F

facility informations

bbc_image_neu_parlamentbbc_image_neu_uSeminarraum Coaching Kiel OstseeTagungsraum Gorch Fock
Room nameHigh (m)Size (qm)KeynoteConf.U-FormParl.Banquet
You can connect our rooms like this:
Gorch + Fock2.8422418161644
Sea + Cloud2,8887040325090
Star + Clipper2,8111100463452115
or a combination from Sea + Cloud + Clipper:
or a combination from Sea + Cloud + Star + Clipper:
more facilities
Foyer2,880for your break62
Restaurant Waldesruh2,8703026182080
Spiegelsaal Waldesruh312080403450150

Room preparation

To help us with the preparation of your room, your seating requirements, energy, maintenance and cleaning, we charge a small room rental deposit. We do not charge the room rental deposit if you stay for your full booking. When your stay is shorter than booked we calculate the percentage of the deposit.

When booking our package VITAL and you reach sales expectations in the number of persons indicated in the last column, you will not be charged room rental.

RoomsSales expectationsBasic room feeRoom rental will not be charged with...* 
Gorch320,00 €120,00 €5 People
Fock320,00 €120,00 €5 People
Gorch + Fock560,00 €220,00 €9 People
Sea650,00 €250,00 €10 People
Cloud650,00 €250,00 €10 People
Star750,00 €280,00 €12 People
Clipper800,00 €300,00 €12 People
Sea + Cloud1.200,00 €480,00 €18 People
Star + Clipper1.400,00 €560,00 €21 People
Regatta (Sea + Cloud + Clipper)1.900,00 €750,00 €29 People
Windjammer (Sea + Cloud + Star + Clipper)2.500,00 €1.000,00 €38 People
Restaurant Waldesruh500,00 €200,00 €8 People
Speigelsaal Waldesruh2.100,00 €800,00 €32 People

* when you book our package VITAL.



Conference success is very dependent on modern technology. Nothing is more unpleasant than, when everything is ready, the microphones sqweek, speakers remain muted or the beamer doesn’t send a signal. Everything that you do not want to happen happens. That is why we not only have a competent co-host team, but also professional and modern technical equipment that we put at your disposal.




Telephone and video conference calls, special sound technologies (for example translation), video systems, multivision equipment, secretaries, interpreters, trainers, facilitators and hostesses, we provide to you on request.


Writing materials such as pads and pens are included in your conference package. If you require special documents for your conference, you can supply us this in advance and we will store it in our short-term store. Please contact for prior consultation with our event management.


Use our contact form, which forwards your inquiry directly to the responsible co-host, or call us on +49 431 5331 4442, and talk to our hosts at Convention Center.

Please don't forget to leave the date for your event and your phone number. Thank's a lot!

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