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Welcome to BIRKE SPA 


Our “Birke” is a family-run business, based on the respect and values we have retained over many generations. The City of Kiel, the State of Schleswig- Holstein, the sea and the people of this region are among the factors which form and drive us. This beautiful land, our home, has so much to give, and we want to give back in the process. We want to treat our region and its treasures with sustained respect and care. At Birke Spa we only use natural and ecologically sound products from the rich offerings of our land and the sea. Experience the Northern feeling here at Birke Spa with all your senses.
Our lives pose new challenges for us every day. Many things are changing quickly and we constantly have to adjust and adapt. That’s the only way to increase our well-being and self-esteem. „For us, wellness means the holistic union of body, spirit and soul.“
To establish this holistic sense of well-being, our state-certified cosmeticians, masseurs and masseuses and wellness trainers have selected treatments specifically designed to affect your body and your spirit. There is a personal coach on hand to offer you courses to help you examine the life issues relevant to you.

We wish you a recuperative hiatus!

Your Birke Family and hosts


Pool, indoorpool

The term spa is used as an abbreviation for "Sanus per aquam" and stands for "health through water". Schleswig-Holstein has a rich supply of water. This resource is used and prepared for you.
Outside peaceful sand islands lure you to dream on beach chairs and with cozy blankets. Inside we have comfortable sun loungers and cozy blankets next to the 30-degree warm pool which is directly next to the crackling log fire. Let yourself be pampered by our competent co-hosts and relax. Experience our "North German way of life." Experience as a hotel guest or a day guest the power of the sea with all its goodness and healing qualities in the Birke Spa.


45°C Sole Steam Bath

steam bath Birke Spa

Our sole steam bath features room temperatures of 45°C and very high humidity. The manually added Holstein sole with ethereal oils has a liberating and soothing effect on your respiratory system.


finnish sauna at Birke Spa

At room temperatures of 90 - 95°C, the outdoor sauna clad in pine is heatedup by a stove covered in stones. This classic form of Finnish sauna has been enjoyed in Northern Europe for many years, as it helps to strengthen the body’s immune system.



With room temperatures of 40°C, the tepidarium is specifically well-suited for your first stop in the sauna. The heat is evenly distributed through the walls. The tepidarium also features a changing display of colour to lift up your senses, and it is where we offer our Mare Balticum - body treatment for individuals and pairs.

60°C Vital sauna

sauna with coloured lights Birke Spa

With comfortable room temperatures of 60°C, our vital sauna is particularly well-suited to people who rarely visit a sauna. The shift between red, green, yellow and blue light has a positive influence on your senses. The colours encourage recuperation and have an uplifting effect on your mood.


To intensify your sauna session, we have collated a few ideas - from head to toe and from maritime to feinheimisch - which you can book in addition any time.

Price per person
For your sensesSweet honey pack in our colored light sauna - shower
9,40 €
For your hairConditioner with activating and nurturing algae oil  - shower
7,60 €
Fot you skinSea salt peeling with algae oil - shower
9,80 €
For you feetPleasant, warm footbath with medical chalk from Rügen - in our saunarium
9,70 €

Sauna Ceremonies

Visitors bring their sauna ceremonies to a close in our outdoor sauna every day. Depending on the time of day, we either galvanise you with an invigorating steam bath or relax you with a balancing aroma.

other features at the SAUNARIUM

spa garden at birke spa


Afterwards, relax with a warm foot bath to stabilise your circulation and regulate your body temperature for your return to the sauna.


Birke SpaPool, indoorpoolindorpool Birke Spaloungers at the pool

Our swimming pool, 6 x 12 m in size and 1.30 m deep, is a popular place for physical activity. Swim vigorously or let yourself float along. The water temperature is maintained at a comfortable 30°C. Relax on our island with whirling jets to receive gentle massages to your body and neck. Guests who seek more action can use the counter current jet for an oceanic swim experience.

On days where the outside is cold and uncomfortable, the swimming pool’s fireplace provides a warm and comforting atmosphere. You‘ll find comfortable teak lounge chairs for your enjoyment, including soft cushions and cosy wool blankets for added relaxation. You’ll be able to feel your spirit and body attain tranquillity.


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Whether with or without swimwear - you can use our saunas the way you feel most comfortable. Please always use a towel as underlay. Please wear swimwear in the pool area. Please wear flip-flops within the entire Birke Spa area.
For the treatments and applications, you should wear dry swimwear or underwear underneath your bathrobe.


For hygiene reasons, we and our guests expect that all users take a shower before using the pool or sauna. Showers are available in the respective dressing areas.


We place much emphasis on the fact that you will be able to relax at our spa. This is best accomplished if you remain relatively quiet in the sauna area and the entire wellness section. Please take off your swimwear so that your body doesn’t cool off and you can experience a even, non-circulation stressing visit. To prevent any infections, please use a towel to sit or lay on during the sauna visit.