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Veranstaltungsräume, Hotel Birke, Kiel
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Martenshofweg 2-8, D-24109 Kiel - Telefon: + 49 431 5331 300 - E-Mail:


Fair accounting for a fair payment

open kitchen, Fischers Fritz Restaurant Kiel

The kitchen team prepares for you in our restaurant Fischers Fritz full meals and snacks. Through our membership of "Regional delicacies (Feinheimisch) enjoyment from Schleswig-Holstein", we have committed ourselves to obtaining at least 60% of our food from Schleswig-Holstein.
Therefore, we work closely with the farmers and producers of meat, fish, poultry and vegetables in the region. From them we get guaranteed high-quality, ecologically and fairly produced, seasonal products.
All foods are hand-crafted by our kitchen team under the rules of traditional North German cuisine, they cook for you on all of your creative breaks, lunch and dinner with delicious food. For vegetarians, vegans and other dietary preferences we can prepare also great dishes. Please contact us about this in advance! 

The compilation of the drinks selection for your event is a high quality range of our most popular beverages. We purchase our beverages in by and large from the region, from within Germany and the rest of Europe.
 To be fair, we offer you a settlement according to exact consumption. Please understand that for this reason, we cannot offer Beverage Packages


The services of our co-hosts, we have factored eight hours in the prices. However, to celebrate in high spirits further, we compute a night surcharge 70,00 € / hour. Please understand that we pay our team night surcharges. So you can be sure that you take care of your celebration at unusual hours highly motivated birch co-host .

BIRKE banquet AREA

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This area is located directly at the hotel and is connected by a staircase with the hotel's Feng Shui garden. These rooms are all equipped with an air conditioning system.

If you have a banquet with more than 18 people we will not charge a facility fee.


marriage, birke-waldesruh banquetBanquet rooms Hotel Birke Kiel

50 meters from the hotel building, is our tradition Waldesruh. There, where everything began in 1802, with the awarding of the first bar licence by the Danish queen. Opposite the building is the forest - the Hasseldieksdamm woods.

If you have a banquet with more than 18 people we will not charge a facility fee.


Use our contact form, which forwards your inquiry directly to the responsible co-host, or call us on +49 431 5331 442, and talk to our hosts at Birke banquet area.

Please don't forget to leave the date for your event and your phone number. Thank's a lot!

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