Martenshofweg 2-8, D-24109 Kiel
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Marxen wine, Kiels Gute Adressen
Kiels Gute Adressen
Juweler Kiels Gute Adressen, Hotel Birke
Kiels Gute Adressen, Hotel Birke



Under the umbrella KIELS GOOD ADRESSES 29 very special companies have formed a strong community. Each of them has a unique address only in Kiel. The people behind it are enthusiastic Kielers, who are proud of their city. They are prenthusiastic about promoting their addresses ,helping to give the city a face to be proud of.

We are Kiel

There are addresses of companies where commitment, passion and expertise is at home. They stand behind what they offer: Best quality for people who enjoy something special, ....expect something unique. For people who want uniqueness instead of mass-produced goodsand the equally appreciate the finer things can expect professional and individual service. There are Kieler addresses where shopping is a sensual experience, away from the hustle and anonymity. If you expect more than just ordinary.....then expect it here.


Behind the doors of these companies, quality shops, hotels, restaurants, manufacturers, service companies of various kinds are waiting for you.These are Kiel-based companies, managed with personal responsibility, some rooted in a long tradition in the city, others freshly started. All driven by the goal to serve their customers and guests with that little bit extra, here for you, the City, and for the people who appreciate the good things.

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