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Here in the north is a county. It's called Schleswig-Holstein and called the land between the seas. Known for fresh fish, fresh air, yellow rape, white sails. For manor houses and castles, beaches and coasts, towns and villages, lakes, forests and, gentle hills and rough winds. Here's the place to live.

And here you can discover. Familiarize yourself with our help with this beautiful land in the north, which we love so much and we want to bring you near.

our favorite beaches

guest the beach

Around the Kiel Fjord, on the east side or west side we have many varied beaches. In the summer for swimming and water sports, to refresh and relax. In the winter for refueling, and good for walking. Here is a small selection for you:


baltic sea, beach

Laboe is a traditional seaside town on the Kiel Fjord. The mile-long, fine, and for the most part supervised sandy beach with beach chairs is ideal for children, the shallow water with many sandbars perfect for digging and Plunging. On the beach there are many sports such as trampoline, football goals, volleyball nets, etc. The promenade extends directly behind the beach and leads to the dog beach in the dunes, where the dogs have their own run. Also a surf school is located there. The "Birch" can reserve for you the first place by the water in a beach chair. Laboe has more to offer: the famous naval memorial and the museum-submarine, for example. Both can be visited. The small romantic harbour with yachts, fishing vessels and fishing boats is ideal for having a stroll. See how beautiful Laboe is with the steamers of the supply fleet. You can come back with the bus lines 100 and 102 to the central station.


Originally a fishing village,the beaches of the picturesque old fishing port with its wooden jetties, fishing boats and the many handsome yachts are testimony today of that time. The main attraction is the wide, supervised, sandy beach which you can rent a beach basket in the sand. With shallow water it offers large and small carefree swimming pleasure, plus volleyball courts, a swimming pontoon, a playground and play equipment. The splendid waterfront is about five kilometers long and invites you to stroll with "Outlook"along the beach and along the road leading to the surfers at the beach cove, with a little fairy tale forest right on the water, passing through the salt marshes of Buelk lighthouse. You can reach the beach by bus lines 502, 901 and 902 from the central station.


sailing harbour Schilksee

Schilksee concentrates on the sailing. Finally, the suburb of Kiel in 1972 hosted the Olympic sailing competitions. South of the harbour with many large and small yachts and boats, a beautiful wide sandy beach guarded beneath the cliffs, is accessible via a staircase. Breakwaters ensure calm waters and make bathing even for children safe and enjoyable. When needed, you can also rent beach chairs here. Schilksee is ideal for water sports in summer: in addition to sailing they offer surfing, rowing and canoeing. Again, you can arrange your arrival and departure by bus line 502, 901 and 902 can be valid for the buses from the main station and the steamer boats of the delivery fleet.


kiter Kiel fjord

The beach Falckensteiner has a wide sandy beach with coastal dunes and beach ridges. In the south, a dyke protects the countryside against flooding. In summertime, the beach because of the shallow water at the shore is especially popular with families with young children. The supervised beach is left in its original landscape, there are no beach chairs there. Because the mouth here is very narrow here the impressive ships pass close to the beach. Close to the beach is also an adjacent camp ground, the stone village Falck, youth group camping area and a special dog beach. Water sports opportunities are provided by the sailing school Western Wind. You can reach the beach at Falckensteiner on buses 91, 501 and 502 from Central Station, and in the summer with the fjord ferry.


beach baltic sea

The 3.7 km long natural beach attracts many swimmers and surfers, who can find small dunes on the Baltic Sea area. What awaits you is an idyllic family beach that is not overcrowded and offers a small dune retreat. The wide, paved beach promenade is ideal for skating and bicycling. There is also a nature park for day visitors, the camp heidkoppel and many weekend houses behind the dike. The big dog beach and supervised part of the beach attract many bathers annually and with the appropriate wind many wind-and kite-surfers. The beach is easily accessible by car and by bicycle.


drawbrigde, harbour Kiel

Kiel is the capital of our beautiful county of Schleswig-Holstein and has a high quality of life and offers many leisure activities. Kiel is situated on the sea, on the Baltic Sea, on the fjord, where cruise ships and yachts sail. The sea reaches into the heart of the city. The biggest piece of nature in the Kiel fjord is lined with beaches on both shores. The maritime city with its port facilities, the huge passenger ferries and the enormous gantry cranes at the shipyard, which is typical of Kiel. Water is the element of Kiel.


17 miles of bays and beaches, the Baltic Sea, as far as the eyes can see. Huge passenger ferries and sailing yachts of all sizes shovel foam-crested waves along, screeching seagulls and the smell of sea salt always in the fresh sea air. In thewest of the Kiel Fjord is the Kiel Canal, the busiest artificial waterway in the world, in the south the sea mouths with the river the Schwentine, coming from the Holstein Switzerland. Kiel is like an eel, green outside and blue inside. Here it comes to sports. The Greens on the land offer golf kite flying, mountain biking, jogging, inline skating on the dike, and much more. In the blue of the sea-it's great for windsurfing, sailing, kite surfing, water skiing, swimming and more.


sailing regatta Kiel Week

For a water sports center, the Schilksee district was developed, and where the 1972 Olympic sailing events took place. World-class water for sailing is still offered today in Kiel. Kiel Week with over 2,000 boats and 5,000 active sailors is known around the globe. Each year in June about 5,000 athletes from 50 nations with more than 2000 yachts, dinghies and sailboards meet up at the worlds largest sailing event. At the same time, the Kieler Woche takes place, one of the largest festivals in Northern Europe. Sailing history was written in June 2002 as Kiel hosted the Volvo Ocean Racers final stage and they were welcomed by over 500,000 viewers. The images of the yachts reaching their target in Kiel went around the world. With its own sailing camp for children Kiel. Sailing City secures its reputation as the city for sailing enthusiasts and child-friendliest city in the north. Kiel is the home port of the first German America's Cup campaign.


World class, not only on the water also the expanding port, the cruise terminal Ostseekai, the international marine research, a highly spezialized Naval development. Huge passenger ferries make daily voyages to and from Norway and Sweden into the heart of the city. The "port city " is a starting point for many cruise ships . The combination of geographical advantages, modern passenger terminal and the location have shaped Kiels reputation as an important German cruise port. In the center of the city are the terminals Norwegenkai, Schwedenkai and Ostseekai Kiels largest and most modern passenger cruise terminals. It all makes your stay even more pleasant. Many reputable cruise lines choose Kiel each year as their base port.


cranes at HDW shipyard, Kielpark of kiel castle

Kiel is a university city, modern and young. There are specialist colleges, the University, the University of Applied Sciences, the School of Art, many bars, clubs, discos and parties places for students, a colorful nightlife. Kiel is a port city and has a Naval, and maritime tradition. Here you can experience shipyards, submarines, frigates, and the world famous sailing training ship the Gorch Fock, marvel at giant ferries and cruise ships. Kiel is a family town, diverse, different and friendly.


Kiel has 230,000 inhabitants. Here, the heart- beat of the economic and cultural region of Schleswig-Holstein. The residents and guests from all over the world enjoy great variety. Kiel is a city of culture, produces a lot of theater and music. Here you are lured by the art galleries, museums, opera, theaters,cinemas and many other cultural events. Once a year there are performances through the county of the world-renowned Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival and Jazz Baltica to listen and be amazed at.


harbour promenade Kiel

Powerful gantry cranes tower in the sky on the east side of the city, on the other side you are attracted by the "Kiel line," a popular promenade, which is started by the newly renovated aquarium and seals in the outdoor pool always in a lively mood. Using state of the art technology a unique tripartite pedestrian swing bridge called the Hörnbrücke connects the east and west banks of the city. Holsten Street is the second oldest pedestrian zone in Germany, between the Danish street and the Old Market in the historic city centre. Stroll along through many stores to the shopping center Sophienhof.

Another shopping paradise is just 3 km from the city center along the Highway 215 Citti Park, with its numerous shops and free parking. Traditionally, visit the weekly market on the Blucher place with the market stalls full of many local and fresh foods,they are always a niceplace for a chat or as we would say in North German a "Klönschnack". The Ostseehalle was built in 1952 now known as the Sparkasse Arena is now with 13,000 seats not only one of Germany's largest concert halls, but also the home venue of THW Kiel, one of the world's best handball teams.


cruise line ships, park and cruise

From Kiel you go on the land between the sea and the mansions and palaces, the rape fields and beaches, lakes and forests. Or you go out of the fjord on the Baltic Sea with the mighty cruise ferries north to and beyond the horizon, the home sickness in your luggage. You can be in Oslo in 19 hours with the Color Magic and the Color Fantasy, cruises to Gothenburg with the Stena Line takes 14 hours on the Baltic Sea. And for those who want to experience something more urban,you can be in Hamburg in about an hour by car or train, and from their in about three hours to Koppenhagen.

Here are some tips for trips in Kiel - Sea & more:

Kiel - Wildlife on the doorstep

game reserve

Just around the corner from the Birke is the game reserve Hasseldieksdamm, a meadow in the middle of some woods. It is 12.7 acres in size, has nice walking trails and is home to Bison , Traditional Buffalo, Scottish Highland cattle and Sika deer. Special feature: All animals are also used for extensive maintenance of urban green. But be careful, the Bison are not tame, but wild animals. The Highland cattle and Traditional Buffalo, however, are pets and can also be caressed . From the trails you will find on the many pond herons and gray ducks.

Kiel – Short Baltic Sea trip!

boat trips sightseeing on water kiel

The ships that criss-cross the Kiel Inner Fjord are called Fjord Steamers . As with buses on the road , there is a fixed distance, stopping stations and timetables. Start your tour at best at the railway station and chug over to Möltenort, Mönkeberg or Friedrichsort or up to Schilksee. There you land between the harbor and beach right at the old Olympic Center, where the 1972 sailing competitions were held. To this day, one can still see remnantsof those Olympic times. From Schilksee a beautiful foot and bike path runs along the waterside to the beach, the small but beautiful Baltic Sea bathing area. Time for a snack with a sea view, try the wonderful beach Bistro Bruno. In the Beach baskets you can enjoy chilled wine and little treats. Stretch your head towards the sun, bury your feet in the sand..... pure relaxation. Ask for more information at the reception!

Kiel – In the Maritime Museum, ahoy !

Kiel is located on the waterfront. The beaches either side of the outer fjord invite the summer sun and swimming, in winter walking. Equally attractive is the inner fjord, which runs to the city center. Pure maritime atmosphere. Dont concern yourself if its raining because right at the inner fjord lies the maritime museum in the impressive former fish market, the maritime jewel of our state capital. Here you can learn about the history of the maritime city of Kiel and its maritime connections in the world. Impressive ship models, nautical instruments and figureheads, monumental navy paintings of the imperial period and valuable seascapes await your discovery. In addition to the Kiel sailor suit an original depth sounder, an Anschütz gyro compass as well as a model of the Kiel Brandtaucher, you can see the oldest submarine in the world. Not to be missed under any circumstances is a visit to the spectacular Kaiserpanorama with the stereo images of the channel opening and the living room of a shipyard worker. If you would like to get some fresh sea air after the museum tour, take a look at the three vintage vessels that lie at anchor by the adjacent Museum Bridge. The rescue ship “Hindenburg”, the fireboat “Kiel” and the buoy tender” Buzzard”.

Kiel - The channel full ... with ships

north-baltic-sea channel

In the Schleswig -Holstein Anthem its called Schleswig-Holstein meerumschlungen. The North sea and the Baltic sea are connected by the North Sea-Baltic Canal. Over 100 years old and the busiest artificial waterway in the world. It has a length of exactly 98.637 kilometers and is now because of the sea level height 162 meters wide, the bed width is 90 meters, its water depth is 11 meters. On both sides of the canal you can enjoy cycling making little breaks upon the way to enjoy a delicious Birke picnic basket. Ocean liners and cruise ships, the so called Dream Boats, are almost within reach. In an exhibition at the locks in Holtenau you can see exhibits, presentation boards with historical backgrounds to environmental protection and a lock model on the activities of water and ship mates. The tour of the lock facilities Holtenau north side of the channel takes about 1.5 hours.

Kiel - The blue trail ...

Leads to the west and east sides of the Kiel Fjord. You can rent a bike at our hotel and cycle to Schilksee, the northernmost port of Kiel, or head out to the Tiessenkai, where you can discover a tranquil, nostalgic harbor ambience with old cargo sailing ships lying to at the pier, old office buildings, a former packing house and the Holtenauer lighthouse. Observe, as the large container ships pass through the Kiel Canal. You may also make a detour to the local company, Ocean base, with cosmetics produced from algae, these products are used by The Birke spa. If you are interested in ships, come to the right bank of the Skagerrak and get an insight on the shipyard Lindenau Shipyard & Machine Factory. Along the Hindenburg shore you can take a break with a picnic from our Fischers Fritz cuisine in the historic parks .

Kiel fjord, cruise liner

Laboe - Cenotaph / U-995

At the entry of the Kiel Fjord,the Baltic coast is dominated by the 85 m tower of the Marine - War Memorial . Below the memorial, the submarine U-995 lies as a Technical Museum. Over half a million visitors annually from all over the world are impressed by the solemn silence of the Memorial Hall. Allow about 2 hours for an impressive experience.

Kiel - Schleswig-Holstein Open Air Museum Molfsee

The largest open air museum in Northern Germany is situated south of Kiel on a 60 acre site with lawns, gardens, fields and ponds. It supports 70 historic buildings, farm buildings and mills from Schleswig-Holstein furnished with furniture, household goods and implements.Pets and small animals enliven the museum. Artisans demonstrate their work and sell products. For your hunger and well being bakers, a dairy, smokehouse and a restaurant await your visit.


alster river and city hall hamburg

Only an hour's drive away from the hotel Birke is the attraction of Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, which has blossomed into becoming a true shopping destination. Modern shopping malls, designer stores and street cafes sprouting up everywhere. Shopping in Hamburg is a true adventure. But there is still much more to discover: A beautiful city with a great selection of internationally renowned museums and galleries such as the Hamburger art hall, the Bucerius Art Forum, and more than 40 theaters and a lot of water outside the front door.
Right in the center of the city lined with fine white villas on the streets of the Inner and Outer Alster. Around and on the Alster, a tributary of the Elbe, you find beautiful parks, neighborhoods and expensive sailboats that glide across the water. A trip on the Alster lake and a walk along the shore for tourists are a "must".
Hamburg's famous St. Pauli district is a must for any visit. Many sailors from distant countries are not able to speak German but the word "Reeperbahn" is quite loose them from the lips. You think of women and venal love, the red light district and pubs with no curfew. In addition to bars, night clubs and discos there are also many small and large theaters.
The main attraction remains the Hamburg harbour. The easiest way to discover the port of Hamburg is with a Beer wagen trip and a harbour barge. Thus one gets a quick impression of its size and atmosphere. The boats pass through large warehouses and giant docks. Since 2003, there arises a new downtown area, the port city with the spectacular Elb Philharmonic Orchestra.


A "must" for every tourist in Hamburg is the passage through the "traditional Hamburg fish market". Who wants to see the market that has existed since 1703, should rise early.


warehouses speicherstadt hamburg

The Customs on the port of Hamburg forced by Bismarck in 1888 was the reason for the construction of the warehouse district. It grew in several decades and is now almost 500,000 square meters of account storage space and is now the largest contiguous memory complex in the world.


Hamburg had next to "Dialog in the Dark" another permanent exhibition in the town. The largest computer-controlled model railway in the world with approximately 540 square meters area. On the system realistic train are run and controlled by the computer. Approx. 60 000 trees, 60,000 figures, 5,000 cars, 7,000 meters of track, 3,000 bridges and houses over 1000 reports, 1,000 points and a wonderful model landscape promise an experience for the whole family!


Dates from 1907 to 1911, is the Old Elbe Tunnel, the first underwater tunnel on the continent. It links St. Paul's and the Shipyard Island Steinwerder. The verdigris-covered dome at the jetties, the entrance to the two 426.5 m long tiled tunnel tubes. You use elevator cages to reach the roads and footpaths, which are open every day except Sundays and public holidays for cars, cyclists and pedestrians.

Hamburg harbour


Hamburg doesn’t have a zoo it has Hagenbeck. Hagenbeck's animal park, now one of the greatest private animal parks in the world and the only privately owned, nonprofit zoological garden in Europe. It was created in 1848 by a fishmonger called Clas Gottfried Hagenbeck after his much loved seal show.


Hamburg, 132 meters high landmark, affectionately called "Michel", is the most significant Protestant Baroque in Germany. Constructed in 1751/62, was destroyed to a large extent by a fire in 1902, then 1907/12 historically faithfully reconstructed. After its destruction in the second World War II it has been completely rebuilt.

LÜBECK - Weltberühmt für sein Marzipan

Holstein Tor Lübeck

The Hanseatic city of Lübeck is from the "Birke" less than an hour and enchants you with its historic town center. The city was therefore announced in 1987 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Water flows around the old town with its 1,800 landmarked buildings, historic streets and winding passages, however, it is not only beautiful, but a busy and vibrant city with a population of around 214.000.

When you think of Lübeck, you thinks almost always of marzipan. The sweets "Lübeck marzipan" must be made in Lübeck and has to meet particularly stringent quality requirements. It is exported by several companies around the world. Our tip: The Cafe Niederegger in Broad Street is one of Lübeck's landmarks. Enjoy coffee and marzipan cakes there and visit the attic of the little marzipan museum.

Meet the cultural visitors at almost every corner. Whether Contemporary Art on Lübsche living culture to medieval finds from the base of the Hanseatic city. And of course the well-known Holsten door. But nobody should miss the Buddenbrookhaus. Here you can meet the writers who were born in Lübeck Heinrich and Thomas Mann. In 2002 in the house from Gunter Grass a nobel prize winner in the Glockengießerstraße opened another highlight: The Günter Grass House. A Willy Brandt House will soon be put into the King's Road.

And in Luebeck, there a lot to discover. Children's eyes will widen when they hear the word "Hansa-Park ', it has an inviting underwater museum or take a breathtaking journey into the underwater world and the slides of the famous" Ostseetherme "make hearts of young and old race. In addition, here begins one of the longest continuous cycling routes in Germany: It leads more than 450 miles along the Baltic coast of Fehmarn and Kiel to the Danish frontier to Flensburg. Lübeck's "beautiful daughter" is the popular Baltic Sea resort of Travemünde, which is since 1913 a district of Hamburg. It is protected by an architecturally impressive beach promenade with a wide sandy beach located in the Bay of Lübeck. The Casino Travemünde on the elegant avenue with the imperial baths of the century architecture is one of the oldest in Germany. In the port of Travemünde you are surrounded by the four-masted sailing yachts and the "Passat" a museum ship and landmarks.


Between Kiel and Flensburg, just a half an hour from the Birke, awaits one of the finest conference destinations in the north: the region around the Baltic Schlei fjord!
The city is one of the Schleswig oldest cities of the Baltic. The settlement is mentioned as far back as 804 Already in the Frankish kingdom sliesthorp annuals. The settlement of the creeping, also known under the name Haithabu, developed in the Viking Age into a thriving commercial metropolis. During a visit to Schleswig, you should take one thing with you, curiosity, to discover the many sights of cultural treasures of this art-filled city. And you should bring some time, because Schleswig not only offers some fascinating cultural monuments and museums, but also comfortable places, roads and paths to stroll and linger.

GOTTORf castle

Moor bodies, Nydam, high-profile probe Conclusions: The monumental princely residence Gottorp Castle in the 17th century was a center for arts and culture in the north and is now the headquarters of the National Archaeological Museum and the National Museum for Art and Cultural History.


The walk-Gottorf giant globe made around 1650 was one of the wonders of the world in its day. After the defeat in the Northern War in Gottorfer in 1713 it was taken to St. Petersburg. In the new globe house built in May 2005, a replica you have the chance to travel back in time into the astronomical world of the 17th One century.


Günderothschen in a former aristocratic palace court and takes visitors on an exciting journey into the history of Schleswig. Right next to the teddy bear museum invites you in to visit one. And opposite in the photo forum regular top-class photographic art exhibitions are on the program.


Narrow streets, old fishermen's houses in the center of the cemetery chapel built in 1876 with the save-a world in itself. Until 1933, the fishermen's village was surrounded by water. Fishermen are still live here. And to this day the most romantic district of Schleswig has retained its island-like character.


1134 the foundation stone of the imposing church building was laid. Schleswig Cathedral, the famous mainly for his dreflügeligen three winged Bordesholmer altar a masterpiece by Hans Brüggemann and the cloister "dovetail." The observation deck is also worth a visit at 65 meters height.


The history is closely interwoven with the Schleswig Vikings. 1,000 years ago it was the most important Haithabu trading place in Northern Europe. Today, near the former settlement site-viking is a remarkable museum, which is currently being revised and re-opened in spring 2010.


Flensburg harbour

Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein's third largest city and is only an hour's drive away from the hotel Birke, at the top of Germany near the border with Denmark. This Scandinavian influence is evident everywhere. When you go shopping you find a unique cultural mix, fill your bag with German and Danish popular products, walk through glass covered passages, admire big-city shop windows and explore the romantic courtyard. Strange tattoo shops, small specialty, art, design and antique shops enliven the urban landscape that is characterized by small, colourful fish houses, old markets squares, and yellow sun-captain and merchant's houses. From the Flensburg Fjord, which extends into the inner city,across the city to the famous Kapitänsweg “captains way”.

It starts at the harbour museum , the wharf for old sailing ships, and leads past the Maritime Museum, and the only rum museum in Germany. From Flensburg are not only come the "points" for motorists it is home to the revolutionary erotic firm Beate Uhse. It also houses the largest silver-goods manufacturer in the world, "Robbe & Berking", there fine table silver and the Flensburg shipyard of the famous RORO ships. This is where the comes beer with the famous "Plop!"comes from, The noble rum from around the Caribbean, fine paper, and, and, and ...we could go on and on.

Family programs 

The Baltic Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein has a great fun program for its guests in store! Anyone interested in real sea creatures is in his element at the fantastic "Sea Life" at the Timmendorfer beach . Not forgetting the marine biological station Laboe, in which you can handle a starfish or help feed the lobsters . Thrills, attractions, carnival feeling and active fun await you at the Hansa Park Sierksdorf, the only theme park in Germany by the sea. The Tolk show in “The Schlei” , the Columbus Park in Weißenhäuser beach and the pirates land on the island of Fehmarn. In the donkeypark Nessendorf , you can observe more than 100 donkeys and learn about the native wildlife in various game reserves.

And even more tips

baltic sea, Kiel

Grömitz - House of Nature Cismar

Experience a nature museum with tens of thousands of individual pieces on over 500 sqm in Cismar. Explore in a family atmosphere lots of nature, such as Germany's largest snail and mussel exhibition, native and exotic wildlife, minerals and fossils, or the habitat of the Baltic Sea. In the outdoor area you will also find the monastery garden and a nature trail.

Schönwalde - Bungsberg tower

After two years of”beauty sleep” the platform of the telecommunications tower on the highest point of Schleswig-Holstein was reopened again in May. From the 45 meter high viewing platform, you have uninterrupted views over the flowering Ostholstein landscapes to the Baltic Sea near the “White House” or near Neustadt .

Scharbeutz - Haffkruger fishing trail

countryside around the hotel

Starting at Haffkruger fishing pier, the fishing trail follows the newly landscaped promenade direction Scharbeutz. You will find information and equipment from the Baltic fisheries. Learn all about the creatures in the Baltic Sea. In season, guided tours available.

Kappeln - Harbour Museum

Kappeln, Schleswig

Launched in 1982 one of the most beautiful harbours on the Schlei the Museum harbour Kappeln. On it is a rustic jetty with thick white-headed piles, 20 old and newly built ships (built to old plans), have their berth. In amongst the mass of riggings and masts visitors often find traditional handicrafts for their own ships. The skipper of the museum harbour fleet likes to have a chat. But be careful he likes to spin seemans yarn!

Probstei - heritage railways Schönberger beach 

Historical tram service with trains from Hamburg, Kiel and Hannover at the Railway station Schönberger beach. 
The Schönberger beach museum railways are the only ones in the whole of Germany, where historic trains with steam and diesel operation and ancient railcars operatate on scenic narrow-gauge railway track. Unique historic trams are also in operation. Some of the vehicles are more than 100 years old, and not one is younger than half a century.

Castles and manor houses

plön, schleswig holstein

Most have been in family ownership for generations. These stately homes of the past are greatly admired by all who tour the so called “Switzerland”of Schleswig Holstein. To date, many of these assets are still farmed as agricultural holdings. Many of the buildings are still in private ownership, but during the annual "Heritage Day" in September, however, open the doors to many historical buildings and one can cast an eye behind the facades.

Panker - Impressive !

Panker is a picturesque small town on the Baltic coast between Luetjenburg and Schoenberg. It is dominated by the 500-year- old Panker Estate, with its baroque mansion, where even today the Prince of Hesse family lives, the chapel, a powerful gatehouse, old commercial and residential buildings, stables, horses and endless green pastures. A narrow dirt road leads through the rows of houses. But as idyllic as it seems Panker is not a museum village, but an active manor or village community. 80 people live here, a large part even work in the village. While walking you will discover nice shops and galleries. Panker is famously known for its Trakehner breeding. Around 50 horses romp in the meadows around the manor.

The " Ole Liese " - named after the favorite horse of a royal ancestor that here at the end of the 18th Century lived out its life in peace - is the culinary center of the estate. Here you can relax or dineor just drink a coffee after a relaxing walk .

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