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Urte Christiansen
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the hosts


Teamwork - that is not just a word for us. Then our Birke- team works like a family. Longstanding Staff bring there experience in, young trainees there ideas. Together we have a family relationship in our Family hotel. And all of us together are there as hosts on your trip.

Rainer Birke

Rainer Birke Hotel Birke

Through his love of numbers, maintenance building, the current owner and CEO is responsible for the focus of finance, management, and engineering. Because of is passion for the people in this region he accepts with pleasure the tasks of being the Representative of the company in Kiel. He belongs to the founders of "Kiels Good Addresses". In addition, he travels throughout Germany, where he is committed to the Advisory Board of the Ring Hotels eV and as auditor for the International Hotel Association.

Jasmine Birke

Jasmine Birke, Manager

She is the heart and soul of the house , and can be seen early in the morning in contact with our guests. As director she makes it her personal goal to ensure the guest has a perfect stay. Through her passion for beautiful things, she is responsible for decoration and the utility department.

Christian Birke

Christian Birke, Manager

He is very creative, analytical and happy to bring new ideas into the company. He is a director of the hotel and is responsible for projects to optimize the hotel operation. Due to his passion for nature and enthusiasm for healthy and good food, he founded in 2007 together with 6 other restaurateurs Feinheimisch - egourmet from Schleswig-Holstein e.V. ".

Florian Buchebner

Floran Buchebner

The Austrian-born Florian has been active in the company since 2008. He is trained in hotel management and has many years experience in different resorts in Spain, Ireland and the USA before coming to Kiel. As a director he runs all operations, optimally with enthusiasm and a pleasant manner. Since 2014 he is a manager at the Hotel Birke GmbH & Co. KG.

Alexandra Witt

Alexandra Witt

After collecting experience in hotels and restaurants in Germany Ms. Witt began training in hotel management at the Hamburg school of hotels . After her completion of training as a certified government audited Hotel Business Administration and Chamber of Commerce trainer , she started as restaurant and service manager in 2003 in “The Birke". Through her commitment to optimizing processes and customer services she completed a study in Quality Manager Service Quality Germany and attained Stage III qualification. She is responsible for administration and the co-hosts since 2007. She was granted the power of procuration in August 2014.

Sebastian Wenzel

Sebastian Wenzel

Trained as a hotel manager and bartender he gained his experience in various hotels in Germany and, due to his love of the sea on cruise ships. He then went to Koblenz, where he completed his hotel management at the hotel school. After completion he had had enough land air and he moved back to the sea - the Baltic Sea to Kiel. He began his career with us the Birke ,with a strong dedication, as Purchaser. Due to his passion for bargaining and for the love of good wine and food, he is now responsible for the food and beverage sector. In recognition of his great skill of negotiating with our suppliers, he was granted the power of procuration in August 2014.

the Rezeption-Team

Urte Christiansen

Every member of our reception team round Urte Christiansen loves the contact with our guests and has lots of fun to find out and fulfill their wishes and special likings. They are always up to date on the latest about what is going on in Kiel and the environment and give you information and tips. Here you are in the real sense “welcome”.

the Spa-Team

make up, cosmetic, Birke Spa

That you relax, feel good and revitalize in our beautiful spa and beauty area, is the responsibility of our friendly co-host Caroline Stritzel in Birke Spa. Our trained therapists and aestheticians expertly advise you through our versatile applications and products related to the "power of the sea“.

the kitchen-team

Fishrestaurant Kiel, Pierre Binder

Our Head chef Pierre Binder has many years work experience as a assistant chef and worked also for the Restaurant “Wirtschaft zum Wiesengrund” in Zurich (2-michelin Stars) and in the Restaurant Wullenwever in Lübeck (1-michelin Star) where he worked at the site of brilliant chefs.
What he took with him from there was the love to the products not just the show. It has to be fresh, regional, seasonal chosen and well processed. The motto is: wellness in the kitchen, with the assistant chef and the chef Hans Peter Braun from Bayern he has a great team on there side.

the Service-team

Sakia Hieronymus

Fresh fish, delicious wines, fine food from local regions - makes the service twice as enjoyable. Our service team is headed by the Falk Thümmler. He takes care of his team with enthusiasm to present our guests with the culinary delights from our restaurant. The host of the service are the competent contact for all topics around food & drinks. He can provide information about the places of origin of our regional products. Also, the team ensures that our restaurant and meeting rooms according to the rules of classic table prepared and decorated.


Timo Marentziehn

Timo Marentziehn and his team pay close attention to our guests that your rooms are comfortable in a perfect, clean condition.
 Just as you know it at home! 
Also in all other rooms of our hotel, they provide order and cleanliness, their feel-comfortable condition.

The Hotel Maintainence Team

Knud Witt

Without the team members of our maintainence services around Knud Witt, nothing works. They ensure that all our technical equipment always functions properly. They also keep our inventory is a in an impeccable condition.

Our Trainees

The 30 trainees in the "Birke" are a very important part of our crew. Without them we could not hold our course. They are responsible, among others, for the care of our spa guests and help to ensure the enjoyment of our relaxation-seeking guests.

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