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Martenshofweg 2-8, D-24109 Kiel - Telefon: + 49 431 5331 300 - E-Mail:


The Birke Spa is also open for day visitors from Kiel neighborhood. The Spa offers outside peaceful sand islands lure you to dream on beach chairs and with cozy blankets. Inside we have comfortable sun loungers and cozy blankets next to the 30-degree warm pool. Let yourself be pampered by our competent co-hosts and relax. Experience our "North German way of life." Experience as a day guest the power of the sea with all its goodness and healing qualities in the Birke Spa.

Please arrange your treatment appointment before your visit by calling +49 431 5331 470. If our work capacity allows, short notice appointments may be possible. We recommend that you arrive at the Spa Bistro at least ten minutes before your scheduled appointment.

openings hours

BIRKE SPA - open 365 days per year 
Swimming pool
7:00 am til 10:00 pm
9:30 am til 10:00 pm
9:30 am til 09:00 pm
Monday til thursday
10:00 am til 07:00 pm
Friday and saturday
10:00 am til 08:00 pm
Sunday10:00 am til 06:00 pm

More hours on request.

Please arrange your treatment appointment before your visit by calling +49 431 5331 470. If our work capacity allows, short notice appointments may be possible. We recommend that you arrive at the Spa Bistro at least ten minutes before your scheduled appointment.

ADMISSION PRICES for swimming pool use

Pool, indoorpoolloungers at the pool
TimeDays1-ticket10-ticket set
07:00 am - 09:00 amdaily5,50 €50,00 €
Oder a gift voucher


tepidariumPool, indoorpool
TimeDays1-ticket10-ticket set 
09:30 am til 10:00 pmMondays through thursdays26,00 €240,00 €
06:00 pm til 10:00 pm
After work mondays through thursdays16,00 €144,00 €
09:30 am til 10:00 pm
Fridays through sundays34,00 €306,00 €
02:00 pm til 10:00 pm                                                                                       Sundays        22,00 €


Pool, indoorpooltepidariumWhole body massage, back massage
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You don‘t want to book individually but have your entire day organized by us so you can enjoy even more services? So go ahead and book one of our day packages. Pamper your soul. Relax all day long. Feel well, regain your balance. For you or others whom you might want to give a present, we have created a few rather special Wellness Days. Just for men, or no men at all? Time for two, or active all by yourself? Check your favorite wellness package and allow us to pamper you. At Birke Spa, your harbor of relaxation.

Get acquainted wellnessStarts at 99,00 €
per person
Golden hiatus
Per person 174,00 € 
Hen party wellness
Starts at 27,00 €
per person
Time for me
Per person 129,00 €
Time as a pair
Per person 159,00 €
Evening wellnessPer person 89,00 €
Mother & daughter wellnessPer person 174,00 €
Birthday wellnessPer person 149,00 €


Sea salt peeling, birke spa cosmetic


Mondays through Thursdays:     99,00 € per person
Fridays through Sundays:         108,00 € per person

Golden hiatus

Baltic Sea, Wellnessgarden, Hotel Birke Kiel


Price:     174,00 € per person

Hen party wellness

Baltic sea, spa, wellnesshotel


3 or more people Mondays through Thursdays:                                49,00 € per person
3 or more people Mondays through Thursdays after 06:00 pm:       39,00 € per person
3 or more people Friday through Sundays:                                        59,00 € per person

7 or more people Mondays through Thursdays:                                39,00 € per person
7 or more people Mondays through Thursdays after 06:00 pm:       29,00 € per person
7 or more people Fridays through Sundays:                                      49,00 € per person

Time for me

wellnessguest, spa Kiel


Price: 129,00 € per person

Time as a couple

Time together; wellness vacation


Price: 159,00 € per person



spa area baltic sea hotel


Price: 89,00 € per person

Mother & daughter Wellness

Birke Spa, mother and daughter wellness

Price: 174,00 € per person

Birthday Wellness


birthday celebration; birthday present, Birke Spa

Price: 149,00 € per person

birke day spa guide


Day guests begin their day of wellness at the hotel reception, where they will be given an access card.
Our hotel guests begin in the spa bistro.

Bath Set

You receive a bathrobe, shower towel, sauna towel and slippers in the spa bistro for a cleaning fee of EUR 6.00.
The slippers are yours to keep as a souvenir of our spa.
If you book a day spa package it is already included.

Children & young people

Please understand that children and young people under the age of 16 are only allowed in the Birke Spa with the accompaniment of an adult.


If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, you may cancel free of charge up to 24 hours beforehand.
After that time we will unfortunately have to charge you for the full amount of your appointment.


Please hand over your valuables at the hotel reception desk for safekeeping.

Mobile Phones & Tablets

For the consideration of other guests, we ask you not to use these electronics in the swimming pool and sauna areas!

What should i wear when?

Whether with or without swimwear - you can use our saunas the way you feel most comfortable. Please always use a towel as underlay. Please wear swimwear in the swimming pool. For the treatments, please wear dry swimwear or underwear underneath your bathrobe.

Payment options in the spa

No cash is used throughout the entire spa area. You may charge everything to your room or your day tab.

Length of treatments

Please be in the waiting area 5 minutes prior to your appointment and understand that arriving late will shorten the duration of your treatment.

Booking treatments

We ask that you make appointments early to ensure that we can fulfil yourrequests. Phone: 0431 5331 470

Oderform/ request

Use our contact form, which forwards your inquiry directly to the responsible co-host, or call us on +49 431 5331 470, and talk to our hosts at Birke Spa.

Please don't forget to leave the date for your treatment and your phone number. Thank's a lot!

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