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We live in the most beautiful state in Germany, in a region that has spoiled us abundantly. We have pure air, unspoilt nature, two seas full of valuable raw materials and a variety of fresh, healthy and nutritious food. We feel obligated to give something back to this region. In addition to the climate we see the importance of helping people. To that end we see the promotion of training young people as one of the most important tasks for a sustainable development of our region. For this reason we support through regular donations and help from our service line the following organizations in Kiel and Schleswig Holstein:


Together with clinics for children with heart disease in Germany, we have developed the Foundation Children's Heart. First conveying ideas and in turn sustainable projects - projects for the benefit of children with heart defects.
 We have these little patients at heart as they are already shouldering a very heavy fate at a young age. Some of these children spend a lot of time in hospital undergoing major open heart surgery and are therefore separated from their parents and siblings again and again for a long time. Some children with heart disease can not run around, play and climb - just as any other child would do at their age. 
It affects many more children than one might assume. Each year 7,000 infants are born with a heart defect - thats one percent of all newborns. It's really a simple math problem to realise what this means in the course of ten years.

Hospitals such as pediatric cardiac centers suffer from funding restrictions. To support them, commitment is needed by a powerful organization.
 That is why the Birke family has been committed for many years : We want to help these young children. Their life must be worth living. Therefore, we support the Foundation Children's Heart.
 If you or your company would like to help, we invite you to visit the Children's Heart Center in Kiel! The Foundation can also arrange a visit to a children's heart center in your region. The medical practitioner will be happy to guide you through the clinic and introduce you to its vital work.


The first Ronald McDonald House was founded in Germany in Kiel. The initiators of the house posed the following question: What makes a Ronald McDonald House? What makes it easier for parents and children to live in a temporary home? An old villa in Kiel was the answer and proved to be the ideal location for the first home. The venerable house exuded peace and security, it was protection and a home at the same time. 
Since then families with seriously ill children have been housed in 13 apartments within the house.

The high ceilings and modern kitchen, ways to cook together and share with other families, are an effective contrast to the sterile atmosphere of a clinic. Children can play in the garden or romp through the house if they do not have to be at the clinic for treatment. 
As a passionate host, it is our pleasure to be able to support this temporary home financially and through our services.


The Institute for the World Economy at the University of Kiel (Kiel Institute) is one of the major centers of global economic research, policy advice and economic education. The Institute sees its main task in the search for innovative solutions to urgent global economic problems. Based on this research it advises decision-makers in politics, business and society, and informs the public about important economic policy contexts.

The Institute was founded as a "Royal Institute of Shipping and the World Economy" by Bernhard Harms in 1914 and later renamed the "Institute for the World Economy". It is ffiliated with the Christian - Albrechts - Universität zu Kiel, without to be a part of it. The Institute for the World Economy belongs to the scientific community Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz to (WGL) a facility, which provided services to institutions of national importance.

Since 1 January 2007, the Institute for World Economics, is an independent foundation running under public law of the State of Schleswig -Holstein.
 The aim of the research of the Institute is to create innovative solutions to pressing global economic problems, set the economic incentives for autonomous action of the individual and thereby contribute to the people's need for social justice implications. In order to quickly and flexibly respond to new problems, the research of the Institute is organized into smaller research and project areas.

With the establishment of a scholarship for promising young economists, we want to support the Excellence Award program of the Institute for the World Economy (Kiel Institute) in Kiel. It helps the community of outstanding young scientists to continue to build on the area of global economic affairs. Through our "Birke Hospitality Fellowship" we want to enable the excellent young economists to extend their reseach stay at the Institute of World Economy.

winner for birke hospitality fellowship

Institut für Weltwirtschaft, Förderpreis, Birke Hospitality Fellowship
David Dorn 
Winner 2014

GMRS: Seenotretter (The sea rescue)

The German Society for Sea Rescue is one of the most modern rescue services in the world. Financed exclusively by donations. The rescue crews are ready 24 hours a day on the German North Sea and Baltic Sea coast with a fleet of 60 rescue cruisers and lifeboats.

Whether voluntary or salaried rescue crews, the men and women on board have to go to the extreme over and over again, this includes not only knowledge and experience, but also continuing education, a reliable, storm-proven technology and last but not least - rehearsed crew who can rely a hundred percent on each other.

Last year alone, the 180 permanent staff and 800 volunteer crew members of the GMRS saved 65 people from distress and removed 653 others from imminent danger situations.
 Since the establishment of GMRS in 1865, the rescue crews have rescued more than 80 916 people, or fremoved them from life-threatening danger. 
For us it is important that we assist these volunteers, as they are providing through their commitment and courage an outstanding service. They rescue people in need in our region.

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